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COMING SOON: MOVE - Mike's 3rd studio album in the works - 1 September 2023 release date

We are back with a brand new sound on this third studio album, MOVE. This album is a departure from my previous work, which was more acoustic and folk-inspired. This time around, we're turning up the volume, infusing the album with vibes and beats that are bound to get you grooving. We have sax appeal!

MOVE features a selection of my personal favourite new tracks, including Trouble, Waiting for the Train, Momma Don't Care for the Birds No More and Maintenance Man. 

Mark your calendars as MOVE arrives on all major digital streaming platforms, ensuring you can experience the music wherever you are. And for those who appreciate the tactile sensation of a physical album, like me, I've got you covered – the album will also be available as a CD, complete with a beautifully designed artwork booklet. This booklet not only includes all the lyrics but also shares some stories behind the songs. You can pre-order a copy of the physical CD.

May 2021 - HEY HEY HEY! - And now for something completely different!

As a South African musician I've always enjoyed the variety of sounds and the richness of our languages. My latest single is an Afrikaans song - Nadine die trampolien. It's lighthearted, it's fun, it's catchy!


November 2019 - A Few Lines More is released in all digital music stores and is also available as a CD 

We have released the second album A Few Lines More, featuring 12 original tracks. Have a listen.

June 2019 - New album in the making!

It's been a busy time since releasing my debut album in 2018. I've had a few live shows which I loved. I've also been writing lots of new material and am back in the studio recording a second full album which I hope to release at the end of this year.

August 2018 - Out the Door: Debut album

My debut album Out the Door was released in 2018.. It was a lot of fun working on this project.  

I had a sublime time in the studio with Duncan Ebedes and Joe van der Linden laying down the 11 tracks for the first album. The sounds we're making are original for a time like now, but they also take me back to the music heroes of my teenage years -  Bob Dylan, Rodriguez, Dire Straits and the Waterboys who shaped my musical tastes. 

Stephen Hurter did a great job with the final mix, Rogan Kelsey mastered the album. Andrew Mackenzie did the album artwork and Karl Shoemaker is the photographer behind the fantastic studio images.

Check the photo gallery for some of the photos we took while making the music.

Music all around 

My teenage years were defined by the music I listened to. It played on my little silver radio that I took everywhere with me...from the edge of the cricket pitch, swimming pool, rugby field, tennis court or wherever I found myself...I was besotted! I was a number one fan of our local radio station in the Border region of South Africa, Capital Radio 604. I still hear some of their advertising jingles in my head and smile. The Capital Countdown was my favourite show presented by the legendary Kevin Savage. It was tricky recording the top hits on my cassette recorder - trying to hit the record and stop buttons to get the song and not the adverts. Those were good days - it was all about the music and the music was good. Music in the 80s... what was not to like?